AMZO Corporation is a privately held company originally founded in 1994 as B2E Corporation. In August 2007, B2E Corporation and its public health business were sold to Central Life Sciences. The specialty chemical business assets of B2E Corporation are now in AMZO Corporation. The executive offices are located in Sag Harbor, NY.


AMZO Corporation develops and formulates specialty materials that are used to protect people, animals and products. These proprietary protective additives, concentrates, and coatings materials are used in food, feed, oils/fats, wire & cable, plastics, pest control, seed treatment, agricultural, industrial, automotive and packaging applications. AMZO Corporation materials enhance stability, durability, freshness, integrity, security and safety of our customer’s products.

AMZO Corporation specializes in blends of antioxidants sold under the brand name AREST™. The AREST™ Antioxidant formulations protect products by maintaining freshness, stability and efficacy. Oxidation of fats and oils results in unpleasant flavors, unappealing odors and diminished product performance. AMZO Corporation’s AREST™ Antioxidant product line has specific formulations designed to inhibit oxidation for a spectrum of requirements.

AMZO Corporation also manufactures specialty protective materials known as “aversives”. These unique compounds or combinations of substances are typically based on flavor and fragrance technologies. Aversives deter or reduce ingestion by humans, animals and insects by causing unpleasant or irritating sensations to a target species. This functionality is obtained based on taste and odor that affect only a particular species. Aversive chemicals are added to toxic household products (e.g. anti-freeze, furniture polish, rubbing alcohol, etc.) and pesticides to prevent poisoning. Aversives are also utilized in non-toxic applications (e.g. detergents, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics) to make products safer. AMZO Corporation markets a key aversive, Denatonium Benzoate, under the BitterGuard™ brand.

All AMZO Corporation products are designed to be safe to use and easy to handle.

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